Domestic Team Registration

Registration Process to Onsite Contest

  • List of teams selected for the onsite contest will be posted by November 1st 2019.
  • Registration fees per team: INR 3800 + GST (Total INR: 4522/-).
  • Fees shall be paid online. Link will be posted in by November 6th 2019.
  • Teams interested in participating shall complete the payment by 12th November, 2019.
  • Payment Link for the Onsite Round:CLOSED

Arrival and Departure details shall be updated in the portal [link to be posted by end of November] by 5th of December.

Registration Process to Online Contest

Teams shall first register in Baylor Site.

Online Contest Held on 18th October th Last day for payment: October 10th

Steps for online contest registration & dates:

Each team shall have a coach. Coach is the faculty member from the same college as that of the team.

Coach creates a team in the Baylor Site under “Asia Amritapuri First Round Online Programming Contest” Online contest.  Coach is expected to create a team with the official email id. Official email id means, he/she shall use the institutional email id. While creating teams, the coach shall invite the contestants and reserve.

Team members (contestants) shall complete their profile in Baylor Site. It is mandatory that all the details as required in the Baylor system shall be completed before the last date.

The team shall pay the registration fees of INR: 900 (Include GST Total INR: 1062). This is for the entire team. Registration CLOSED on 10-11-2019. The fees already paid is refunded if a team pays and wants to cancel the registration. But the cancellation request has to reach us by email to on or before 5 days before the date of the online contest. No refund is possible after the last date and the contest. Non-participation in the contest also will not lead to the refund of the fees.

Payment can be made online. We will post the payment details soon in this site.

FOREIGN Team Registration

As per the Asia rule, foreign teams are exempted from attending the online round contest. Foreign team registration starts on November 15th and ends on December 15th.

  1. Foreign teams shall complete their registration in the Baylor System before the contest. This includes entering the passport details also.
  2. After the successful completion of all the profile data, coach’s Head of the Department or Institution head has to send a letter [in the official institutional letter head]stating the participation of the team members at ACM ICPC Asia Amritapuri Site. This letter shall be addressed to the “Regional Contest Director”, ACM ICPC, Amrita University. Scanned copy of the letter shall be sent by email to icpc[at] Name of the team members in the letter shall be the same as in their passport.
  3. Invitation letter for Visa application is issued only after receiving this letter.
  4. Registration fees for the foreign team is USD 250. This includes food and hostel accommodation [campus hostels] for the team members including the coaches.
    Payment Link for the Foreign Team : Click Here
  5. All the registration formalities shall be completed by December 15.