Onsite Contest

ICPC Asia Amritapuri Site 2019

Problem Sets of Amritapuri Regional Contest

Directors Report

Notice: All Buses from Amritapuri Regionals will start from the boys hostel main gate. For more queries please contact volunteers

Important Note: We wont provide the lock for the Bangalore & Coimbatore Participants. So carry it with you if required.

Note: If there are any changes to be done in your team configuration you can login to the baylor site and do the required changes.

Transportation & Accommodation Form (CLOSED)

Cancellation / Refund Form for ICPC 2019 Onsite Contest

Site Wise Allotted Team List

Contest Dates: December 26, 27.

Payment Link for the Onsite Contest : CLOSED

Payment Confirmed Team List

Teams Selected for Onsite Contest

Selection Criteria revised after the online contest:

  • Total Slots: Amritapuri:- 120; Bengaluru: 100; Coimbatore: 100
  • Teams who were found cheated in the online round are removed from the selection list.
  • Top 120 teams are selected based on the rank [120 teams]14 top ranked teams [teams who got rank higher than 120 before removing SUMOR] who were not in the selection list because of removing the SUMOR problem also are now included in the selection. [120 + 14 = 134]
  • Top team from each institution is selected according to the rank order, to fill the remaining slots. [135 + 186 = 320]
  • Not more than 12 teams are selected from one institute to have more institutions participating in the regional contest.

Important: Newly selected team list will be published by November 7th afternoon. Teams will also receive the link to enter the site preference. The site will be allotted based on the rank order only.

Email directly to anand[at]am.amrita.edu for any appeal only.

Selection Policy for the Onsite Round:

Following is the team selection policy to have maximum number of colleges participating in the onsite round. This will help us to get more slot for India in the world finals.A total of 75 to 80 slots will be reserved for the top teams.Rest of the slots will be filled by inviting the best team from each institution.