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Onsite Contest Problem Set

Lord of the Code series topper (2017): Istasis Mishra (ista2000)

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Contest Arena Instructions


ACM ICPC Asia Amritapuri Site Regional Contest 2017
Sponsored by Unacademy, CodeChef

Hosted by Amrita School of Engineering, Amritapuri; Coimbatore


 Onsite Contest Schedule

Payment Confirmed Teams – ICPC Schools

CodeChef Team Handle Team Name School Name Payment Status Allotted Site
bashers Bashers Professor K K Anand\’s Smart Minds Academy, Chennai CONFIRMED AMRITAPURI
int_elligence0 int elligence = 0; Delhi Public School, Ruby Park, Kolkata CONFIRMED AMRITAPURI
int_ai int_elligence Professor K K Anand’s Smart Minds Academy, Chennai CONFIRMED AMRITAPURI
syntaxscrubs syntaxscrubs DPS International, Saket ,New Delhi CONFIRMED AMRITAPURI

Contest Cookbook

Cancellation of Team Participation

Cancellation of Team participation will be closed on 23rd December.

Payment Confirmed Team Details of Amritapuri & Coimbatore

:- Amritapuri

:- Coimbatore

Transportation & Accommodation (How to reach: Amritapuri , Coimbatore)

For Transportation Registration : CLOSED

Free Transportation is arranged from nearest railway station.

Transportation Instruction to Contestant @ Coimbatore Site :

Click Here to Transportation Instructions Coimbatore Site


One team is allotted a room in the hostel. Two coaches are accommodated in one room.

Contact Details of Amritapuri & Coimbatore Sites

Amritapuri Contacts

Contact Person

Contact Number



Mr. Krishna S +91 9496322470 krishnas@am.amrita.edu


Mr. Rahul Varma U +91 9048762755 rahulvarmau@am.amrita.edu


Ms. Sandhya Harikumar +91 9633549831 sandhyaharikumar@am.amrita.edu

Contest Arena

Mr. Binu PK +91 9645676453 binup@am.amrita.edu

General Enquiry

Coimbatore Contacts

Contact Person Contact Number E-mail Department
Mr. Arun Kumar C +91 9965055500 c_arunkumar@cb.amrita.edu Transportation
Mr. Ritwik M +91 9442283167 m_ritwik@cb.amrita.edu Accommodation
Ms. R Aarthi +91 9442330313 r_aarthi@cb.amrita.edu Accommodation
Mr. Sreevalsan M +91 9443384465 sree@amrita.edu Contest Arena
Dr. Vidhya Balasubramanian +91 9994600565  b_vidhya@cb.amrita.edu Contest Arena

Site Allotment List (From Waiting List 4th):

For Viewing Site Allotment List Click Me

Listed teams from waiting list 4th  shall pay the fees of INR 3000 latest by 4th December.

Site Allotment List (From Waiting List 3rd):

For Viewing Site Allotment List Click Me

Listed teams from waiting list 3rd  shall pay the fees of INR 3000 latest by 30th November.

Site Allotment List (From Waiting List 2nd):

For Viewing Site Allotment List Click Me

Listed teams from probable waiting list  shall pay the fees of INR 3000 latest by 27th November.

Confirmation of Participation:

Filling the vacant slots

Since there are some vacant slots, we have sent out emails to the team members in the probable list. These teams can fill the form by November 23rd 05:00 PM. We will select the teams in the rank order from the list of teams who have submitted their willingness to participate and publish by 24th.

Link to submit willingness (those who have already submitted need not submit again)

Enter your details here – Only one member in a selected team needs to enter the details.

Your submission can be viewed here

Site Allotment List (From Waiting List 1st):

For Viewing Site Allotment List Click Me

Site Allotment List (From First List):

For Viewing Site Allotment List Click Me.

Payment details:

Payment of Fees: INR 3000 is to be paid in the following account:
If you are paying by NEFT:
Account No: 026005300006900
Branch Code: 260
IFSC Code: DLXB0000260
MICR: 690048801

After you do the payment via NEFT, enter the details here. Make sure that you enter the right details so that it helps us to identify your transaction

If you are paying by DD, it has to be in favor of “Amrita Consultancy”, payable at Kollam. Enter your DD details here

Send your demand draft after writing your team name, online contest user id and institution name behind the demand draft to : Anand Shenoi, Admission Office, Amrita School of Engineering,  Clappana P.O, Kollam.  Teams who paid the fees will be published in the website as an when the fee payment is confirmed.

General Information:

Contest days are 26 & 27th December. Accommodation will start on 25th noon. ICPC Food will be served on 26 & 27. Schedule will be published by tomorrow. Teams can reach one day before the contest and leave on the next day after the contest. Accommodation is arranged at free of cost during these days.

How to reach Amritapuri  Coimbatore

Vacant Slots:

Probable list of teams to fill vacant slots

Publication of online round results:

Online Round Results Selected Teams

Team Selection:

Top team from each institution whose team have solve at least one problem is selected first as per the first selection criteria. There are 269 institutions who registered for Amritapuri, participated in the contest and solved at least one problem. Teams who have solved all the problems and registered at Amritapuri will also be invited to participate in the onsite contest. Confirmation of participation shall be done by Monday, the 20th of November by entering your team details in the link sent to you by email. You will receive the link by Saturday, the 18th. The list of confirmed teams with the site allotted will be published on 21st. We will publish the list of teams to fill the vacant slots based on the rank (criteria as mentioned below).

Interested teams shall pay the fees of INR 3000 latest by 25th.

As per the spirit of ICPC, the objective is to include more institutions. In this view, not more than 10% slots for each site (Amritapuri & Coimbatore) will be invited for onsite participation from one single institution. Only those teams who solved three or more problems will be selected after applying the first selection criteria so that the better ranked teams are given chance to participate.

Write to icpc[at]am.amrita.edu for any concerns.

Site Allotment:

Site is allotted in alternate way. Teams are sorted in the rank order. First team gets Amritapuri and Second one is Coimbatore.  There will not be any change in site already allotted.

Number of slots

A total of 250 slots are available for Asia Amritapuri Site. 125 each at Amritapuri campus and Coimbatore Campus.


First process in the registration is the payment of fees. Registration fee for the onsite contest participation is INR 3000. This includes meals for two days & transportation from the nearest railway station. Teams are promoted to the onsite round in Baylor site, after the confirmation of the onsite fees payment. Foreign teams may refer here.


Changing team configuration

Change in the team members can be done only after promoting the team to onsite round in Baylor site.

Guidelines for Contestants (Refer the Regional Contest Rules in Baylor Site)

  • It is mandatory to have all the three members present for the onsite contest.
  • Team members shall bring the Proof of Identity in order to register at onsite and for attending the contest.
  • Teams are allowed to carry 25 pages printed reference material in the contest arena. The specifications are:
    • Page Margin – 1 CM
    • Paper size: A4
    • Font: Times New Roman, 12 pt
    • No paragraph spacing.
  • One workstation is allotted for a team for the contest.
  • Contestants shall wear their ICPC T-Shirts and their ICPC Identity Card.

To be updated soon…