ACM ICPC Asia Amritapuri SiteACM ICPC Asia Amritapuri Site 2016 Regional Contest

03/12/2016 10:30 PM

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29/11/2016 07:00 PM

Around 31 teams are selected in the third and final round. These teams are required to send their site preferences (Amritapuri/Bengaluru/Coimbatore/Mysore) by email to icpc[at]am.amrita.edu by tomorrow (30/11/2016) evening. The allotted site will be published by tomorrow evening itself.  Confirmed teams shall pay the registration fees by December 2. Visit the below link for the payment by NEFT.

Sl.No. Team Name Team Handle Allotted
1 MemoryLeak acm16in0276 Coimbatore
2 Phoenix_ acm16in0590 Bengaluru
3 Bug Busters acm16in0353 Bengaluru
4 IIITD GNU acm16in0939 Mysore
5 iFilter acm16in1799 Coimbatore
6 basic_coders acm16in1418 Mysore
7 Nougat acm16in0629 Amritapuri
8 No_Handle acm16in0142 Coimbatore
9 included acm16in0163 Coimbatore
10 bits_plzz acm16in0998 Coimbatore
11 XYZ acm16in0205 Amritapuri
12 Team Harambe acm16in1097 Coimbatore
13 correct-answer acm16in1401 Coimbatore
14 UprisingRivals acm16in0394 Amritapuri
15 Heisenberg’s Hitmen acm16in0609 Coimbatore
16 Alliance acm16in2141 Coimbatore
17 code_freaks acm16in1239 Coimbatore
18 Dream_Hackerz acm16in0441 Coimbatore
19 NDTM acm16in1750 Coimbatore
20 Trajectory acm16in0388 Amritapuri
21 UnusualBanana acm16in1644 Amritapuri
22 Non Coders acm16in2646 Amritapuri
23 DA_CODECRACKERS acm16in1719 Amritapuri

Cookbook for Onsite Contest – Visit this page to see the site allotment.

It is recommended to avoid queries over telephone. Should you have any queries, write to icpc[at]am.amrita.edu only if it is not addressed here.

We will start publishing the contact details of each campus by Monday. Until then, please be patient.  Amrita will try the level best to cater your requirements except the site change 🙂 .

Keep visiting Cookbook for Onsite Contest page to get the updates on Regional Contest.

09-11-2016 18:00 HRS
We have started sending out emails to all the selected teams. Here is the link to submit the preference.  Please wait patiently to get email. If you are not receiving it, send email to icpc[at]am.amrita.edu.

Email Content:

Dear <>,
Greetings from Amrita University!
We are pleased to inform you that your team <> has been selected to participate in the onsite round of ACM ICPC Asia Amritapuri Site on December 22-23. Here are the further instructions:

1. You have to submit your preference by November 10th night failing in with it is assumed that your team is not participating in the Onsite round.

2. If you feel to change the preference after submission, you have to do it before 10th November midnight. Process remains the same. Just login, change the preference and submit.

3. Allotment is based on the rank order and the vacancies available. Hence the change in the site allotted is not possible.

4. You have to visit the website amrita.edu/icpc to login using the following credentials:
user name: <>
password: <>

Should you have any queries, please contact only by email: icpc[at]am.amrita.edu

Anand Shenoi,
Regional Contest Director,
ACM ICPC Asia Amritapuri Site.

08-11-2016 18:50 HRS – Selected Teams List. Please note the following:

  1. Total 380 teams are now selected.
  2. Top team from each institution was selected first(255).
  3. Next 125 teams were selected in the rank order provided not more than 10 teams are selected from one institution.
  4. All the selected teams will have to submit their preference by November 10th.
  5. Selected teams will receive the instructions tomorrow by email. We will post the same instructions here in this page.
  6. For all further procedures, follow the guidelines in CookBook.

Much awaited online results! Click Here! (updated on 8th Nov 17:32). four more teams are disqualified.

Selected teams will be announced by November 8th. We will sent out emails to the selected teams by 8th evening to fill the site preferences. Site preference can be submitted till 9th evening. Allotment will be published by 10th morning. NO change is allowed after the allotment.

23 October 2016: Cookbook for Onsite Contest.  Keep visiting this page to get the updates on Regional Contest.

All the teams who are “ACCEPTED” in Baylor Registration system will soon start getting emails on instructions for tomorrow’s contest. Contest is scheduled from 07:00 to 10:00 PM.  Here is the list.

Click here to register and participate in Preparatory Series 3. There is no other procedure to participate in the contest. Click on Login link, create an account, user id and participate.

Here are the teams who are found ineligible, but we have received the DD. Complete your profile by today evening. Click Here

17-October 2016: PENDING REGISTRATION – Visit the post

Registration (Closes on October 16, 2016.)

If you are a contestant, you have to register in Baylor Site as a team to participate in the online contest. Only your faculty can create a team in Baylor Site and invite you to complete your profile. After registering in the Baylor Site, send a demand draft for INR 500/- as registration fees for a team. This amount is not refundable. Demand draft shall be sent to

“Anand Shenoi, Regional Contest Director, Amrita School of Engineering, Amritapuri Campus, Clappana P.O., Kollam – 690 525, KERALA”.

Registration Procedure:

  1. Coach (your faculty) creates a team in Baylor Site.
  2. Team members are invited to complete their profile in Baylor Site.
  3. Demand draft shall be in the name of “Amrita Consultancy” payable at “Kollam” / “Quilon”
  4. Team sends the demand draft as registration fees for the Online Contest.
  5. If all your profile is completed in Baylor, RCD “ACCEPTS” your team in Baylor Site.
  6. Write your team name and college name behind the demand draft.
  7. Enter your dd details here

Your team is accepted in the Baylor Site only if all the formalities are completed according to the rules. Visit Baylor Site to see if you are eligible to participate in the ACM ICPC Regional Contest. Please visit Asia Rules Page for more detailed rules for Asia site.

Preliminary Online Round (October 22, 2016; TIME TBD)

As against previous years, there is only one Single Online Round for all the sites in India.  Teams will have an all India rank but when the selection procedure comes for a particular site, site wise rank is considered.  Selection to onsite round depends on the number of teams who solve at least one problem and the number of institutions participated. We will try to call as many teams as possible for the onsite round.

Programming languages: C, C++, Java, Python can be used to write your code.

Onsite Regional (22, 23 December)

For Onsite Contest, teams have to register in the local site, only if they are selected. Those details will be published soon after the selection list is published.

India Finals

Unlike last year, teams ranking after rank 1 shall go through the third round of filtering to get into World Finals. India Finals will be held at IITM Gwalior.  Click here for more details