Common Queries

Common Queries

Would be possible to participate/register for another team (Current team have busy with other works on December 22nd) for onsite round ?
Ans: Yes. You can change the the team members after the completion of the payment.

Would be possible to participate with 2 members on onsite round ?
Ans: No. It is mandatory to have three members.

Is there any possible to get a slot on 23rd December due to the 22nd university exams?
Ans: No. The team members shall reach the site at least before 22nd noon.

Regarding the PAYMENT procedure of onsite registration fee Online payment is received or not in the place of demand draft ?
Ans:Yes. It is already mentioned in the Cookbook.

How many contestants per team are allowed in regional,Is the 4th contestant who is reserve allowed to travel to onsite?
Ans: Yes. However, participation is only for three members. 4th member will get a certificate as “Reserve”.

If one team have only one female participant, that team coach won’t be able to come with them  so she can allowed to bring her parents also? If they come  is  it possible to get accommodation also?
Ans:Yes. we can arrange accommodation.  But they shall compulsorily send email to the respective site coordinators.

Clarification needed about Accommodation and Registration
Ans: All the teams are provided accommodation in hostels. One team is given one room and two / three coaches are provided accommodation in one room. If any team is arriving before 21st, they shall intimate the respective site coordinators only.

Is it possible to extend the time of  registration for onsite round due to his/her personal reason ?
Ans: No. At least one team member has to reach before 22nd noon to complete the registration

Can the parents accompany the team members?
Ans: Yes. But we should get the gender-wise count.

Can Guardian along in excursion ?
Ans: Yes

What kind of 25 page document can submit in onsite contest ?
Ans: At the registration time submit the pre defined library source code.

Is there any refund policy ? While not attending the contest 
Ans: Yes but you should inform before December 20th