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Regional Rules at ICPC Baylor Site

Online & Onsite Registration

To participate in the Online Contest & Onsite Contest, Registration in ICPC Baylor Site is compulsory.


  1. Every team should have a coach who is a faculty or staff member of the university where the contestants study and he/she alone can register a team.
  2. One coach can register multiple teams.
  3. Each team should have 3 members as contestants. The fourth can be a reserve. “Reserve” is one of the team members who have to be the substitute, in case one of the contestants are not able to participate in the Onsite Contest. It is compulsory that three registered members only can represent and participate in the Onsite Contest, if invited.  Reserve must also be registered in the ICPC System.
  4. Firstly, the coach has to register himself at the Baylor site, by giving his name, email ID, address, and phone number. He will add the contestants with their names and email IDs.
  5. It is compulsory that the Coaches must register with their college/institutional email ID. If they prefer, they can register with a non-university email ID, but send an email to icpc[at], from their own university email ID with (i) their name (ii) their registered email ID (iii) the names of the teams that they registered, if available. If they don’t have a university email ID, they can ask the head of their department or the principal to send us an email from a university email ID saying that “So-and-so is a faculty member at such-and-such college, and uses the email ID” Without satisfying this criterion no teams will be allowed to participate in the contest.

If email is not possible, the HoD or Principal can send us a paper letter on university letterhead to our email (scanned) or to:

Ms. Resmi T R,
Registration Chair (ACM ICPC 2013 Asia Regional Contest),
Department of Computer Science & Applications, Amrita School of Engineering,
Clappana P.O, Kollam – 690 525, Kerala, India.

The latter may be faxed to: +91-476-2896178.
Important: if your institution name is not found while registering at Baylor Site, you may please send an email to manager[at] requesting to add the name.

  1. Contestant receives an email from ICPC Management System. The email asks them to complete their registration profile at the Baylor site. Important: Your name in the certificates issued to you will be same as what you enter in the ICPC Management System. Please ensure that there is no spelling mistake and the letters are in proper case. Under no circumstances, duplicate certificates will be issued.
  2. Contestants in a team shall fill their profile in order to get the team fully registered. Once the team registration is complete, Registration Chair at Amrita “Accepts” the team at the Baylor site.
  3. All teams that have been accepted receive a log in and password to the contest judging system so that they can participate in the Online contest (and preceding practice contest rounds).
  4. The team participates in the Online Contest (contest conducted over internet) to be held in mid October this year. Foreign teams are exempted from this online qualification round. They receive direct entry to the onsite contest.
  5. Teams are ranked according to their performance in the online contest.
  6. Based on the number of institutions participated, teams are invited to attend the Asia Amritapuri Onsite Regional Contest, which is the semi final round of the ICPC contest overall. The selection generally happens thus: All teams that have not even solved one problem are eliminated. From the remaining teams, the top team from each university campus is selected for the onsite contest. If there are still open seats, a second or even a third team is selected from universities who have (i) sent a large number of teams to the online contest and (ii) performed well overall in the online contest. Up to three teams from a single university campus may thus be selected. If a foreign team gets first place at the Amritapuri site, they are eligible to receive an invitation for the World Finals, but the final decision rests with ICPC Asia management.
  7. Please note that each contestant in a team can participate only upto a maximum of 2 sites in Asia Region.  If any contestant violate this rule, the team will be disqualified from participation.


For Foreign Teams

a)  Foreign teams are given direct entry to the On-site contest, and are exempted from the On-line round.

b) Registration at the Baylor site should be done by . See our Registration and Participation section for instructions on email ID (above).

c)  Payment (US$150 for non-Indian teams) should reach us by the deadline given below.

Send to:
Ms. Resmi T R,
Department of Computer Science & Applications,
Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Clappana P.O., Kollam – 690 525
Kerala, India. Phone: +91-9895863761. Fax: +91-476 2896178.
Email: resmitr[at]

Foreign teams please send banker’s/cashier’s cheque made out to “Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham”.

Please send your cheque with a covering note mentioning your team and institution name.
The demand draft / cheque should be sent only through the following services:
Postal service: Speed Post / Registered Post
Couriers: Professional Courier / First Flight / FedEX (others may not deliver at our remote campus)

e)      Please also fax us or email us copies of the first page of your passport (with your name and passport number). We will then issue you invitations containing this information. Passport pages may be or emailed to icpc[at] or faxed to +91 476 2896318.

Important notes:

  1. Domestic (Indian) teams will register at for the online contest. If selected for the onsite contest, they will also have to register, with payment details, at the website. This year the registration fee is Rs. 3000 per team.
  2. Foreign teams will have to register that for the Onsite contest directly, not for the online contest. They will also have to register, with payment details, at the Amrita ICPC website, whose link will be provided after the Online Contest.

Important dates:

Registration starts on August 1st (at Baylor Site): Contest site: 2013 Asia Amritapuri Regional Contest.

Registration ends on (click here for important dates): Important: Upon receiving email from ICPC Management System, all the contestants shall compulsorily fill their profile on or before (click here for important dates). All incomplete registrations will be rejected without any notice.

Publication of short listed teams: Within five days of the On-line Contest at  Registration for Indian teams invited to the on-site contest and for foreign teams who have already registered at Baylor starts on November 1st.

Last date to register for on-site contest: click here for important dates. Important: All the teams selected for competing in the On-site Contest shall do the payment, fill their travel and accommodation plans on or before
click here for important dates. All incomplete registrations will be rejected without any notice.

Receipt of registration payment for on-site contest: December 4th, 2013, 5:00 PM IST for domestic teams selected in the first list. (Domestic teams selected later will be given later deadlines.)

Payment received after the deadline will be returned, and the reservation canceled.

Receipt of registration payment and passport copies for on-site contest for foreign teams: December 4th, 2013, 5:00 PM IST

Registration for on-site contest at, including intimation of travel and accommodation plans: December 4th, 2013,11:59 PM IST. All incomplete registrations will be rejected without any notice.

Cancellation of registration with 50% refund: Email request to reach us by December 1st, 2013, 11:59 PM IST.

Onsite Contest: December 18 – 19, 2013.


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