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About IBM

IBM is the World Wide Sponsor for the ACM ICPC Regional & World Finals.

IBM’s Commitment


IBM’s sponsorship commitment to the ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest is part of a company wide effort to advance the next generation of technology leaders and problem solvers who have combined skills of computing science and business management.
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With the Smarter Planet initiative, IBM believes intelligence allows for the growth and innovation of human life, including the way people live, work, and govern themselves; the way services are ordered and delivered;and the way the environment is protected.
The world is already connected economically, technologically and socially. However, being connected alone is not sufficient. The world needs new generations of talent, leaders and problem solvers to infuse intelligence into our daily lives.
IBM is the world’s largest information technology and service provider. Over the last decade, IBM has driven a significant transformation of its business model as the company shifts to higher value areas and improve efficiency of the business. IBM has been building these capabilities to round out the portfolio to address the
needs of clients and the society.
IBM has 35,000 software engineers inmore than 90 research and development laboratories around the globe, who focus on solving real world business issues for clients in more than 170 countries. IBM invests in high business values and strategic markets such as Business Analytics and Optimization; Cloud Computing; Smarter
Commerce; Business Services; Enterprise Operations; Risk Management; Mobile Computing; and Collaboration. IBM’s Watson computer is an example of data analytics. IBM provides industry solutions in areas such as smarter cities,energy, utility, financial markets, chemicals, petroleum, electronics, public service, health care, retail, telecommunications, transportation, manufacturing, media and entertainment.
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Infosys Campus Connect


Campus Connect is Infosys’ initiative to help increase India’s competitiveness in the knowledge economy. Campus Connect aims at evolving a model through which Infosys and engineering institutions can partner for competitiveness, enhance the pool of highly capable talent for growth requirements in Information Technology (IT) space. It is aimed at creating an effective means of backward integration into the supply chain by going into the college campuses from where the IT industry gets the people for its growth.

The goal of Campus Connect is to build a sustainable partnership with engineering education institutions for mutual benefit.

A variety of things are lined up under the Campus Connect initiative.
  • Seminars and faculty training for colleges: This will give an industry perspective to the faculty.
  • Aligning the college curriculum with industry requirements and working with educational bodies for implementing it.
  • Publishing Infosys courseware on the web: This will give students and faculty access to courseware designed by us. The courseware adds to the existing college courseware and highlights the integrated, systems way of looking at hitherto discrete topics. This is the courseware we use to prepare our new recruits for global “industry ready” standards.
  • Sabbatical for Professors: Professors can pursue areas of research interest with us, and also add to the intellectual content.

Directi – Go for Gold


Directi ( is a 350+ million dollars group of Businesses, that develop innovative mass-market Web Products serving millions of Customers worldwide.

Directi businesses rank amongst the fastest growing businesses worldwide in their corresponding industry segments. The combined Product Portfolio of various Directi businesses includes – Communication and Collaboration apps, Social Networking software, Instant messaging, Context Analysis Engines, Antispam and Antivirus Solutions, Large scale Billing and Provisioning platforms, Traffic Monetization Solutions, Online Advertising Solutions, DNS Management Products, Linux and Windows Server Management Software, Web Hosting Control Panels and much more.

All our businesses have been profitable from inception. All assets of the group are organically funded without any external debt or borrowing.

What is HackerRank?

HackerRank is a site for hackers from all over to solve programming problems in many different domains, from algorithms to artificial intelligence.

What’s the purpose of solving challenges?

For Fun. What can be more exciting than solving challenging problems? We also add helpful features to make it more enjoyable, such as providing boilerplate code and displaying animations of your code running.

Glory. As you solve more challenges, you will earn points and move up in the Hacker Leaderboard. Many challenges will involve code-to-code competitions, so may the best hacker win!

Community. We are building a community of hackers who will be able to discuss problems, learn, compete and collaborate together.

Learn new Topics. You will be able to learn new programming topics and techniques by going through the challenges on HackerRank. We believe the way to learn something is by doing it.

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