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It is assumed that the contestants have gone through the registration page in the website before reading this FAQ.

Q. Can I register without a Coach?
A. No, it is not possible to register a team without a coach.  The coach should be from the same institution where the team members study.

Q. Is it possible to have a person from the industry appear as a coach?
A. No. As per the ICPC rules, it is compulsory to have a faculty member as a coach for the team from the institution.

Q. Can I use my personal laptop to attend the online contest?
A. Yes. It is permitted. But there must be proper internet connectivity to access the contest site.

Q. Is it necessary to have all the team members available physically at the same place during the online contest?
A. It is advisable, but not compulsory.  ICPC is team based participation for effective planning, managing and executing the problem.

Q. Can a team participate in the Onsite contest with less than 3 members?
A. No, it is not permitted.

Q. Is it necessary to have the all team members from same institution?
A. Yes.  One team is always affiliated with one institution. So, there cannot be members from different institutions in one team.

Q. Is there any registration fee?
A. There is no registration fee to participate in the online contest. However, if the team is invited to participate in the onsite contest, a registration fee of INR 3000 is charged for all the domestic teams and USD 150 for the foreign teams.

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